First-Time NIL Donor

Donor Benefits

Donors benefit from their involvement in parental sponsorship through increased recognition and visibility for their goodwill or cause

Donors can demonstrate their commitment to fairness to parents in college athletics by supporting more athletes and their parents

With the increasing focus on Name, Image, and Likeness, donors have a unique opportunity to positively impact college athletes’ and parents’ lives and experiences

Donors can also ensure that more students can access parental support by sponsoring hotel rooms for athletes’ parents

This can lower the financial burdens for families and allow athletes to focus on their performance as student-athletes

Donors will benefit from the sense of a broader alum community and the engagement that comes with supporting college athletics

Working with alums, donors, and collectives can help create a more comprehensive and supportive environment for all athletes, regardless of sport or gender

Donors have much to gain from partnering with athletes and their parents to promote fairness in parental hospitality in college athletics

By supporting hotel rooms for parents and advocating for greater involvement and opportunity, donors can make a meaningful impact on the lives of college athletes’ parents to see more games